Blackberry Torch pretty please?

You know what I hate? Technology. When you’re already happy and comfortable with your purchase of Bold 2 or like the guys love to call like, Onyx, the Blackberry people decided to come out with Blackberry Torch 9800.

Do watch and tear your carpets.

It makes me crazy, really. The camera for Blackberry Torch is 5MP with continuous auto-focus and that fact alone is enough for me to consider buying my 3rd Blackberry T_T. You see, I love Blackberry. You can tell me rainbows and unicorns of their competitors, but I’d still pick Blackberry. It’s love I tell you, and you can’t really explain love now can you? Just like when you love a guy, and people would tell you you’re better off with someone else who is better in different ways, and no matter how lame ‘Love is blind’ to be your defense, ahh what the heck love is blind what do you know. If you just give Blackberry a chance… LOL AHAXZ!

With Blackberry Torch, you can go touchscreen or keypad. That’s right baby, the first smartphone that offers both!

To all the non-Blackberry users, specifically the ones still using the normal cellphone, come and join in the berrywagon! You will not regret it! Smartphones such as Blackberry allows you to check your email on the go and give immediate reply just like you would a text message. Go crazy with user-friendly Twitter and Facebook apps. As to why must I state ‘user-friendly’, simply because the interface makes it so easy to use and you will never abandon these two anymore LOL.

Okay I will not leave out praises for the BBM feature as it is a must for all Blackberry reviews by Blackberry users. Blackberry Messenger or BBM for short, is simply brilliant. Stay connected with fellow Blackberry users (and there are a lot of them in my circle!) all the time and as much as you want. Sharing photos and song files have never been easier, have never been faster :’) I BBM.

And to all Blackberry users, OMG how can you not get the Torch if you can really afford it?! It’s better than the ones already on the market, in so many ways, the camera, the interface, the design, the memory space phew phew.

If you’re a Nuffnanger, lucky lucky you, Celcom giving out 5 Blackberry Torch just click here for more.

Nice one Celcom! So do you plan on joining in the berrywagon? Check out Celcom Exec 50 Plan then! A postpaid plan that allows you to save more as you spend more with automatic discount to your bill every month.

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Only with Celcom.

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