Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore

I've been nominated for Best Celebrity Blog in Asia Pacific?! This is news! I'll be flown to Singapore and tour around the neighbouring country for 3days and 2nights?! This is news! The Gala Dinner that will be held on the 23rd of October is just 5days away from my final examination?! Now that's bad news. Haha.

Okay, wait. That's not important. BEST CELEBRITY BLOG? What celebrity? Haha. I dont know if few modelling gigs and being featured in a film make me a celeb, but according to the award description, if my readers are always here to get my life updates on work in the limelight and life in between, then hello, I'm a celebrity. Okay fine, occasional work in the limelight and life in between (-_-")

Like this picture I found on the net when I googled my name heh :B

Captured by Kuai when I was representing my film in Film Festival Malaysia back in Sabah.

Being in Top5 is already an honour for me, thanks for nominating dear precious reader(s). Seriously, I was shocked gila upon hearing the news :') Oh but if you want me to bring home the award, you might have to vote for me every other 2hours just because number one, if you dont vote for me, no one from other country will, seeing that most of my entries are in Malay, and last time I checked, orang Phillipine tak faham Melayu T_T Number two, am I a celebrity? Really? You're here to get my life updates, really? Really? Cue: Please say yes and convince the panel of judges T_T And number three, my blog is the only blog representing Malaysia for the category I'm in, if I'm not mistaken. Eh kejap, but dont vote for me because of which country I'm from, vote for me because you enjoy having me in the blogosphere, ey? Deal.

However, seeing who I am up and against, I couldnt be more thankful for the nomination. Million thanks to you, you and of course, you. Yes, the one with serious face on while concentrating on my every word. Haha. I always do that (too!) when I'm on full concentration while surfing, then I will purposely turn the webcam on to get the shock of my life looking at how ugly my face is when I'm too focus T_T

Where was I? Oh yes of course. I'm sure my readers are nice, kind-hearted and generous people. So I'm sure my readers are guessing on how to vote (reading minds lah now) heh. It's so simple! Just click click click and make sure you click Hanis Zalikha for the Best Celebrity Blog category and done! Repeat the same thing after the 2hours of your life just passed and in the mean time, I'll find something nice to wear for the Gala Dinner in Pan Pacific Singapore Grand Ballroom yeay! I cant wait to act all jakun when discovering what Singapore has to offer. Remember, sedikit jakun itu baik untuk jiwa! Okay that's all people! Now that I know I am celebrity, I shall update my Twitter with useless updates like the colour of my retainer(pendakap gigi) this month or what I had for brunch (-_-").

UNDI DI SINI(NUFFNANG) ATAU DI SIDEBAR, CLICK "START" DEKAT IKLAN PRINGLES :) Kalau ada kelapangan, undilah setiap 2jam ya, sebab saya bertanding dalam benua asia, fuh. Once again, thanks for everything.

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