The pleasant lady doctor

She told me I'm not having a fever, just a flu. Felt better waking up from the nap after the meds. It's good that in times like this, I am in my comfy bed, at home. Not in Segamat, on my own, have to think on what to eat, whether to go to Penawar etc.

Anyway, I want to listen to songs but I'm bored with my playlist. Could you suggest few songs that you think I might like? It'll be great to know what kind of songs you think I would like, teehee. Oh I'd like to thank everyone who have sent me songs to my inbox after reading this at my profile "Favorite Music: I listen to what people send to me. If its good I'll listen to it again and again until I get something better from another person". There's this one song I really like but didnt manage to save and now its somewhere among the emails sigh. Why Hanis why?! To whoever it was, please send me back the song. Its so nice T_T

Okay will be waiting for songs suggestions! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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