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I don’t know why Maxis is giving me so many problems nowadays. Even last time, when the exam weeks were on, Maxis line was stressing me out like real badly! Not just me, the whole campus! My mom couldn’t get through me and smses weren’t being sent on time. But the biggest problem was my mom couldn’t get through me lah. She was so cute, she tried calling like how many times, then I receive a text from her saying “Asal dia cakap The person The person?”. Hahahahahahahaha. Kan kalau tak dapat automatic dia cakap The person youre calling is not available ke apa kan. Haha.

Since the new semester is here, I think ITS ABOUT TIME (gaya perempuan kulit hitam cakap) for me to search a new phone plan. You know how important it is kan to save money so that you can go for outings, to keep you sane (-_-“) Choose the wrong phone plan and you can be spending a minimum of RM8 per day, sms roommate tanya nak kirim apa, sms classmates tanya class cancel ke tak please say yes, sms lecturers kene bagi salam, cakap-cakap dan akhiri dengan thanks and another salam. Semua guna duit y’all. DAN CALL EMAK SURUH DOAKAN KEJAYAAN. Fuish mahal mahal.

So guess whats awesome? Me! I’m awesome sebab I found out about this hee. Spend minimum of RM2 on SMS/MMS/Calls/Surfing and you’ll get to sms your friends and family for free the whole daaay. Spend minimum of RM30 on data in a month, and you’ll get to surf for free for the whole mooonth. It’s the Digi Campus plan *raise both eyebrows up and down vigorously. Tsk all the classes have started and loads of money is needed to buy books and to print out assignments. I hope with this new phone plan, I can save a lot of money.

And of course there are rewards like Reload Bonus™, Birthday Bonus™, DiGi Rewards™, Digi Music™, Fresh Grad Plan for us the hip and happening campus goers.

How is this all possible? Sign up at all campus dealers or participating outlets nationwide or check out for more info and list of participating dealers. So don’t just shop for clothes for your upcoming semester, shop for smart phone plan too *pesanan khidmat masyarakat.

Oh speaking about going for outings to keep me sane, breakfast date is a must for us every week :’)

If these two creatures are not your favourite students, I don’t know what is. Heh :B

Sabar jelah aku dengan Azfar yang biarkan tasbih Singapore halang muka indah I. Tapi muka Ms Ida lagi sabar dengan dua anak didik beliau.

This is so much better siap ada effect kipas angin di rambut si diva tuh. Dan ekor tasbih di dahi Azfar. YES.

So unless you ada awesome lecturer macam Ms Ida untuk bawa you breakfast selalu, sila lah guna phone plan Digi ya.

OhSoRandom: Penat I dikeji oleh rakan taulan yang mengatakan rambut hitam seperti rambut palsu dari jauh (ini Miza okay, masa dia cari-cari I dekat dewan kuliah, haha). Tsk memang hodoh saya mengaku dari sudut hati T_T

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