Announcement! Purr.

My kittens are up for barter trade :) Ceh my kittens, as if I'm the one who gave birth to them. Anywaay.. If you would like to own them, please follow these steps:

1.Snap a picture of your house where the kitten will live comfortably.

2.Snap a picture of you and your own cat in its best condition.

3.Come up with a name for the kitty starting with the letter M. (Sebab nanti I kecil hati if you tukar the name hmph so you get to choose sendiri but remember start huruf M. Mereka lahir May). So choose wisely and be creative! Or you could stick to the name we've given.. I dont know :P

4.State how much youre willing to spend for the barter trade. Minimum, IAMS Kitten Food of 9.07kg.

5.Send it in to along with your name, contact number and house address.

6.If youre selected, we will contact you. Then you would have to purchase the IAMS Kitten Food to trade with the kitten, so the mother can munch it up gobble gobble and forget about her baby.

Hehe sorry I have to make this more interactive and easier on my side since I received quite a number of requests for the last batch of kittens. The terms and conditions are:

1.We only accept IAMS brand.

2.You should be able to visit us (along with the kitty), or to accept our visits. And hidang air sejuk.

3.Final decisions are up to us okay. So goodluck :) Once theyre all given away, I'll inform here.

4. You cannot choose which kitten youre getting among these three.

The first one from left would be Marvel, he has tigerish stripes.

The second one is Mega.

And the one who was playfully looking at the camera just now is I dont know but my adik-adik panggil dia Masculine, tapi dia seksi macam Miller (Wentworth), so I panggil dia Miller. The only grey in this batch.

And mine would be teehee..

Madhuri Dixit.
Who looks so much like Aisywarya, my kucing lama :')

Submit before 20th of July ya. AND PLEASE MAKE THE EMAIL SUBJECT AS 'KITTEN'.

Tata for now! Omg lama tak nampak ttfn, singkatan untuk tata for now *explain.

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