Leaving on a Mini Van

My big luggage is hidden behind the pink box and the red bag. Thats where I kept all my presentable clothes, those that I'm going to wear to class. Whereas the smaller black bag which is usually used to store my modelling prep stuff, is now filled with comfy clothes like big Tshirts and seluar panas. In the huge green balik kampung bag, aint that huge in this picture, I will be storing food! Yes, I am not done with packing yet, its just plain tiring.

Whats not in this picture other than food is Alisya's small white Ikea table which I'll be bringing along as well. Because I am a very roomie person, watch movies all day and eat and sleep and pray and talk on the phone and go online and eat sumore before go to sleep, I have to keep my place comfy and homey :'(

I'm going to miss home so badly.

Despite the happy colours, I am actually quite down now. I guess I'm just super duper exhausted. Long sigh. The longest sigh ever. Give me semangat, to face Segamat. Wow pantun dua kerat.

No seriously, I need kata-kata perangsang.

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