Sometimes happiness sometimes sadness

Okay wow. Couldnt believe the responses I got from you precious people on the last entry. Just got back from Ipoh. Been really reaally busy but managed to read each one of your comments :') I'm not the type of person that will stay angry for long, will hold grudges, no, I'm not like that. Received an apology email from Aminah Syakirah and I guess that's all we needed ey? Aminah, I forgive you. The entry will have to stay though as guidance to other new bloggers, I hope.

Just finished an English presentation last week. Mdm Evelyn asked us to pick a movie and make a special review on it. My team and I picked Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (teehee malu-malu nak ngaku minat hindustan). One of the quotes from the movie was:

It does not make a person smaller by asking for forgiveness,
but the one who forgives, owns a big heart.

Siap pergi Mydin beli nande pastu terpaksa pakai sepanjang hari (ceh ceh) sebab satu nande berharga RM2. Uish tak mampu I nak beli nande RM2 pastu pakai 2minit je :B

I ada banyaaaaaaaaaaak benda nak belog! Harap tak busy this week :)

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