Makeover Percuma!

Hello hello rindu tak (ceh padahal update everyday, malu I). Oh ada nak inform good news to Lux lovers such as myself (Lux and I go way back okay. When I was in sekolah rendah, reaching puberty, I guna Lux to wash my face everyday. No pimples at all jengjengjeng).

So anyway they’re having a masquerade thang going on! Hehe I already went for it and it was hell fun. If you buy Lux product worth RM30.00 (pembelian yang boleh tahan dalam 2bulan setengah?) and above. You get to go on makeover and get a snapshot of yourself after the makeover to win some prizes and be in the run to be crowned The Masquerade Princess teehee. Well I did it for fun since I’ve already purchased the product and did not want the makeover package to go to waste. But what you can do to win it, you can get your friends to vote for you okay? Okay? Moving on, excited nak tunjuk what I brought home.

The cover, its slightly smaller than size A4.

Playfully covering my face with the mask. I don’t think youre supposed to cover your face like that haha what the hell.

Poyo? I haz it.

Hahahaha so that’s all. Saja post entri nak beri kamu tahu tentang ini dan cakap yang saya dalam keadaan sihat dan sejahtera. Terima kasih. Oh sebelum kamu membebel di komen/Facebook menanyakan where can you get to join this makeover roadshow, here’s the detail:

One Utama KL 29th of July till 2nd of Aug.
Queensbay Mall Penang 12th of Aug to 16th of Aug.
City Square JB 19th of Aug till 23rd og Aug.

Everything else can be found here,

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