Sparkle of Love

To you this is just a photo of two mugs of coffee and a book. 
But to me it conveys beauty, dreams, courage, hope and sparkle of love. 
Like an inside joke. Like lyrics to our favourite song. Like the times our sentences synchronize, one in your speech, another in my mind. One of those photos that only we know.

Your ideas of beauty, dreams, courage and sparkle of love might be expressed differently, so... mind to share? As Sparkle is now one of my favourite songs by the absolutely amazing Yuna, I am now sharing with you how everyone can be apart of Yuna's Sparkle Music Video, world's first ever music video made entirely on The Samsung Galaxy Note. Send in photos/drawings/videos whatsoever!

Visit The Sparkle Project *click*. 
(Oh here you can also listen to Sparkle sambil nyanyi bersama dengan lirik yang naik atas macam kredit penghujung cerita. Love the song!).

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