Oh My English!

Bad English is becoming a trend, donchu think? More often than not, we (or rather, I) purposely use sentences with glaring grammatical errors to sound casual and funny.  When conversing with friends, I would jokingly translate all my Malay words directly to English without changing the sentence structure oh boy am I hilarious or what. Unfortunately, it’s no longer funny when it turned into a *super bad ass* habit I can’t control. This is worrying. I iz scared.

As a role model to my younger siblings, I pledge not to break my Engllish anymore. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Okay fine, not to USE BROKEN ENGLISH anymore. And to speak better English. To write better English. To not make fun of those genuine language mistakes made by others, but to guide them instead.

No, really. Imma guide you…

Amboih beria mengajar orang. I was inspired by all those hysterical videos at Oh MyEnglish website! 

Do check em out! And while at it, let’s make a pledge to speak better English.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of Oh My English, this Sunday 10 am, only on Astro TVIQ!

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