What Makes an Effective Commercial?

Hello, just to share this amazing TV ad from the U.S that I keep humming its song and asking people around me to see. How did I come across this commercial that is not even showing in our country? Well, controversy creates attention. In this tv ad, they transformed Melissa Molinaro to look exactly like Kim Kardashian, and that move, my friend, has succesfully sparked web buzz. Cheaper than the real thing, and generates curiousity, brilliant!

Apart from that, the catchy song. Don't you just love commercials with songs specifically created for the brand? It leaves you humming without even realising and ka-ching you've strategically placed your brand in my mind; Oligo Coco and Gedung Pakaian Hari-Hari, congratulations. Marilah pergi, hari-hari! *dances*

Turn anything into a musical and you'll get yourself audiences. Why do you think Glee is such a success? Everybody loves musical numbers! No? Eleh, you love Hotel Mania and that Boh Tea tv ad.

Bad (or heavily exaggerated) commercial is not a failed commercial. I remember sitting in a car with Alisya and Hafiiz when they were discussing the worst commercials they have ever seen. Few brands were uttered and I told them, if you remember the brand; truth is, they've made it.

Tactical product placement/endorsement is also one of the main factor to determine whether a commercial turns me on or off. Sometimes you see fair people endorsing skin lightening beauty product and you can just shake your head in disbelief. In this Old Navy jeans commercial, Melissa kept changing jeans and looked amazing in each one of them. I don't think Kim Kardashian could ever pull it off with her petite figure.

Enjoy! Cantik jeans masa kena saman!

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