Benda-benda cool

Selalu tengok kat Tumblr banyak gambar barang-barang cool. Pastu I pun ada barang-barang cool dan gambar mereka tapi takde Tumblr so how to berlagak, how? Ishk.

Few things I bought for people while travelling.

Lego keychains for close friends (click to enlarge). To be honest, I didn't know what to get for them when I was in Germany, so when we found this Lego shop in the street of Cologne I was like OMG CUTE LEGOS MUST BUY ALL. After paying only I realised Lego is from Denmark and not Germany. Nabil also confirmed this -_-. That's like going to Langkawi and buying pinggan mangkuk Siam as souvenirs.

Adore this so much okay, dog in your ears! Toy Story 3 earphone for my little brother Khairi. Now he just need an MP3 -_-.

Oh and I got this for myself, super duper cool Mickey Ears speaker clip for my laptop. COMEL GILA DAH LAH LAPTOP I KAN MERAH, PASTU ADA SPEAKER BENTUK TELINGA MICKEY. BERDARAH HIDUNG.

That's how you pasang the thing. And the audio is superb dah lah portable (USB) so I can bring it anywhere, because you know, I don't have Tumblr to berlagak.

Ada lagi few more stuff but let's save it for another day (malas nak punggah gambar). OKAY BYE, XXOX.

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