Awesome Things in Other Countries

What is it about travelling that excites you?

For me it’s about seeing people living their day-to-day lives so differently from what we are used to in our own country, under our own norms and beliefs. As much as I love going to historic places to see what life was like for the people decades ago, I also love to explore what life is like; as off right now, in various parts of the world. Whenever I travel, one of the things that I’m keen on observing is how people make things work; how they make use of technology to help them in their everyday activities. A lot of time I experience using their way of getting things done, say for example; a simpler way of eating a pizza without dirtying our hands, and go hey that was awesome okay, why didn’t we think of that?!


Can we also have this awesome invention everywhere already? Because sometimes normal trolley is too big for such a small space, and I can’t limit my groceries just because my hand is about to tercabut from carrying the basket.

I always compare their efficiency with our own and what can be adapted into our system (obviously am a big dreamer, but hey it’s a start), especially when experiencing their public transport.

Scan this code with your smartphone and you’ll have Germany’s train application that tells the arrival time, route, ticket prices. Awesome!

In Hong Kong’s MTR, just refer to the LED lights to know your route and the next station. Can I hear another; awesome!

People really follow these arrows and no one gets in the way of exiting passengers; Hong Kong’s MTR. And if you notice, there’s the auto glass door which means, not only no one can cross the railway, the train really stops at the exact spot it’s supposed to. You won’t find yourself standing at the kengkonon entrance but the train stops further away LOL.

Besides that, I observing and learning about their culture; and I’m not talking about the dances and traditional costumes. But more on the way they interact with one another, their moving pace, work attitude, and common courtesy on which some might leave me thankful (for what we are practicing) while the others opened my eyes to what we are lacking.

China’s workers are extremely efficient because there are too many people in the country and no one is willing to lose their jobs. The moment your bottom touches the seat, they’ll serve you like a king.

Indonesians love entertainment and providing entertainment.

I love paying attention to family bonding culture too. Is it the father or the mother that holds the child when they are out and about? Who walks in front and who pays the bill? How many children do they usually have and does the teenager still go out with their folks? Sometimes I see just the father and children having a fun day out, and think to myself we don’t often see that in Malaysia.

Going places also made me realize, if I were to enhance my learning experience throughout all these travelling, I must master the basic of the local language. I mean, yes the language barriers could be fun for a while, but I know I can gain more if I can understand what’s everyone around me is saying or have a decent conversation with the person sitting next to me on the train.

My advice (to myself as well); once in a while, be a traveller, not a tourist. Live like the locals and experience their public transportation, street food and etc. Prior to that, master the basic of local language. But hey, if the idea of being a tourist excites you more, especially on a free sponsored vacation, you might want to brush up on your ciao, bon appetite, and adios for what I’m about to tell you.

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Found anything awesome about other countries? Share please jangan kedekut.

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