Why Women Think They're Ugly

I am addressing this issue because few have come up to me and asked how does it feel to be so beautiful? And some, with a hint of negativity; you don't think you are THAT pretty are you? Both of which, I absolutely agree on. Yes I am beautiful, and yes I am not THAT pretty. And even, to satisfy the other subset of fanbase, yes I am ugly.


The concept here is that, everybody has different taste in woman or man. Sometimes we see this one woman as a goddess with the perfect facial features and bone structure, then wonder how come no man feels the same? Sometimes we might even argue with our partner simply because he finds Taylor Swift (for eg.) attractive and we go, that pale dummy?! This is of course, due to the many aspects of growing up that differ from one person to the other.

Personally, I am a weirdo myself, when rating a man's attractiveness level. Scrap the eyes, nose, smile, and height. I am always attracted to:

1) A lean neck
2) Symmetrical hairline meets bushy straight hair
3) Small waist and small butt
4) Straight shoulders .

When rating a woman, I am attracted to 1) Long teeth 2) Elegant thin fingers. You find it amusing? Tell me what are the features that you consider in rating a man or a woman? You might amuse me too in return.

Crazy about hairline.

That is why, we should always be empathic when our dear friend has fallen in love with someone rather ugly (to our eyes, according to our 'taste'), because later in life, s/he might be thinking the same about our choice of partner. Nobody have the exact same taste in something (except maybe some identical twins, but still not all), so chill already. Beauty is too subjective. Nobody gets to be beautiful in all eyes, as well as nobody gets to be ugly in all eyes.

Bear in mind that; if you think you are ugly, there are people out there who thinks otherwise. From now on when you wake up and look at the mirror, praise The Almighty Allah for creating and giving you, your perfect features. Again, my theory is that, if you really think that you are ugly;

You are not ugly,
you are just not your own taste.

Heck, even I am not my own taste.

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