Around Rotterdam with celebrity DJ.

Nabil have been bragging about his stay in Holland till I miss Holland so much! Hate you with vengeance, man. Speaking of man, guess who is no longer a boy?

Happy Birthday Best Boy Friend! Love you long time! We were in Ayah James car, to pick up Falinda (his celebrity DJ daughter) from work, so we can jalan-jalan around Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the mayor is a Moslem. Aboutaleb nama beliau. So kalau pergi supermarket dia mesti ada halal section semua :')

Me and Falinda as talents for Head & Shoulders TVC.

Stopping for something to snack on. Local delight which tasted like charkoi celup icing sugar. Charkoi celup icing sugar = A donut? Not quitelah but I'm not very good at describing food, you see.

Eat it when it's still hot! Yummy, especially in the cold weather.

What is this place?

More yummy food! I can get used to this. My cute skirt? From !

Small hot cakes with melting butter and icing sugar.

Smelled and tasted so good okay, can you see it from the glow on my face?

We walked around to shop for some more souvenirs for the people back home. So goodlooking kan this original varsity jacket. The sleeves are made of leather and it's like RM800 sehelai T_T

The World Trade Centre.

Me making a call to Daddy. "Dad I'm in Holland now, going back to Germany tomorrow. Faster decide on which jersey you want Holland or Germany?" "Germanylah. Ganaih sikit."

After that Falinda took us for dinner. Went around looking for halal place.

When in doubt, eat sushi.

Nabil's first time. I made him eat it jugak no matter what. Later when you're back in Malaysia we can go eat sushi together hik hik.


With celebrity DJ, DJ Mixturess (her stage name). Thanks Falinda, we really had fun!!! Come to Malaysia and be my guest of honour pula k?


Anyway, sedar tak dari entry lepas, kita dah tukar warna rambut kepada warna schokelat gelap? Takyah komen, jawab sedar ke tak sedar je.

Saja cakap sebab baru terperasan Milk A Deal ada deal dari Ivan and Max Studio Salon dekat Damansara Perdana. Murah gilo RM88, instead of RM260 for Color, Treatment, Wash & Blow . Tapi deal ini tinggal lagi 2 hari sahaja. Today and tomorrow kalau nak purchase. Jadi lihat rambut anda, adakah ia memerlukannya? Bertindak segera.

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