She is Hilarious.

This is Alisya. Looking at this picture you know she's gonna grow up to be one cheeky kid.

You can say my prediction wasn't too far off.

These days she has more modelling gigs than me okay. Photoshoots, newspaper & tv interviews for the new animation series BoboiBoy which she will be lending her voice to Yaya, BoboiBoy's buddy. I really can't wait for that, my baby girl's voice for cute kampung girl with superpowers :')

But that is not exactly the reason why I'm writing this entry. I was browsing through photos on my old laptop and saw couple of interesting screencaptures I made of Alisya's spontaneous Facebook statuses. Aduiii budak nih.

Hahahahaha boleh pulak ada punchline dekat comment yang dia hantar sendiri. Adik siapakah ini?! Adik siapakah yang sungguh hard-sell sehingga menggunakan kek cokelat emak sebagai display picture?!

Kecil-kecil dah pilih team bola sepak. Out of nowhere gila. Pastu siap bagi tips kat kawan-kawan macam mana untuk tidak jadi bodoh sensorang. Hahahaha!

Orang dah offer, demanding pula T_T

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