Still got the blues for yewwww.

Twitter avatar, out of nowhere. Sorrylah Alisya was with the camera at that time and we were bored.

Sometimes when you have too much to say, you ended up not saying anything at all. Do you experience that a lot? I am experiencing it, right now, with all these Holland pictures (2 more folders to go) omggg deepest apology. Why why why am I like this? Last time when I was so occupied with other things, at the end of the day I would still make time to write. Make time? Making watches and clocks lah now? I meant, FIND time to write.

But now, once I've finished my work I straight away go to bed. Eh STRAIGHT AWAY, really? Not really, but you get my point. All I want now is OMG MELLE IS ONLINE ON YM, GOTTA GO NOW. MAKING TIME FOR MY BESTFRIEND. Make time? Making watches and clocks lah nowww??

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