Sunday Laughs

I was uploading photos from my Germany Holland trip on my Facebook (you can see them here), when Nabil pointed out how long Vincent has been waiting on my friend request list. LOL Vincent I'm sorry! Once, I approved him I went to see his profile and saw what his friend posted on his wall. I ROFLMAOed.

Hahahaha don't know if you get it, but it hit me real good. Here I am thinking Vincent is already so hilarious, and to see his friends like that.. gelak sampai nangis.


Okay anyway, following the comments I get on my FB public page, I always post random tweets on my Twitter. I love doing that because I get all sort of feedbacks, making it even more hilarious. SIGH SIGH I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS. So after posting all the photos up, I got one random comment regarding my photo album's name.

Screencap edited it according to chronological tweet order.

Not sure if you could understand this entry but it's just to remind myself where my abs came from.

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