Friends Celebrate Each Other

Firstly, friends help each other. For instance, when I want to get a great (super discounted kao kao) deal from Milk A Deal, step number one is to gather friends as a force for this deal to happen. I want to wash-cut-blow for only RM30 instead of usual price RM70 at Ivan & Max Studio, I must rely on this force. Come on friends, few more people needed for this deal to happen! Still so blur? Head over to this website and we can berganding bahu help one another, or you can check out other amazing deals (futsal court in Footy Futsal Taman Megah for RM70 per hour instead of RM110 and etc). Alaaaaa it's just like when you go to a store and they have Buy 3 Items Get 10% Discount promo, but you DON'T want to buy 3items, just 2. So you look out any lady who wants to buy the item also (but she only wants 1), then komplot pay together for the discount LOLOLOL. Same thing, just that this one is online.

Okay now only we'll go into how friends celebrate each other. Or in this case, how we celebrated Ahmad Jais turning 22 eee so old, sudahlah the name already so old.

Ride and pictures by Meor. Outfit by The Pop Look.

Hanis Zalikha has signed out.

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