Places I stayed in Europe


Firstly like I told you, we went to Azizi's place, but he wouldn't let me take any pictures of his room. What more his bed that I slept in. Padahal kemas gila bilik dan cozy habis. Anyway big thanks for his hospitality, I needed that sebab airport kat Franfurt kan.

After that we headed to Nabil's place in Krefeld. His house is big! I mean for a place rented by only him and Darwin, it got a hall, dining place, 2rooms and a kitcheeeeeeeeeen. Gotta love the space.

Bilik Nabil became my room for a week.

This is bilik Nabil?! Yerp. Bilik jantan?! Yerp. Kemasnya?! Yerp. Ada langsir?! Yerp *sambil jeling kat Darwin*. Hahahaha.


On the second day we went to Holland because I wanted to go to Amsterdam. Ayah James and Aunty Yolanda's place in Rotterdam was where we spent the night. Homey with gorgeous decor!

Where do I sleep?

Dude! Sweeeeeeeet!

Bersyukurlah sepanjang trip takde kena tidur lantai or coach surf ke apa. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki anda semua :') Not once rasa tak selesa nak tidur, kerasan sungguh! Baiklah, kerasan is Jawa for selesa.

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