Let's make pretty collage of the world!

One day Sloggi asked me what do I love about the world? I was like “Hey aren’t you an undergarment brand?” Okay I lied. I didn’t ask that back. Because I already know the answer, my sister wears Sloggi LOLOLOLOL. Back to Sloggi’s question, what do I love about the world?

Allow me and my Paint skill to demonstrate what I love about the world.

As the background, I used a picture of me holding a menu in my hand. I wanted it to be like I’m holding an open book with all the magical things inside (like my family cats and trees) but now the menu and my hands pun dah tak nampak, so I macam bigger than everyone else.

-_- I have the vision, but to get there, fail betul.

Okay what I love about the world. Obviously here I have my parents, whom I love the most, the love of my life, my precious siblings oh my cat Dewatta Arjuna, and I love babies too, so here I pasted pics of Arissa and Dahlia. And I love our house, which I don’t have a picture of, so theres the Polly Pocket house to represent it. And I have the flowers and palm trees to show my love for nature and greeneries. I love fogs too, y’know early in the morning, but to picture fog, nah I will have to pass. And there’s Sloggi in my collage, love it because it’s eco-friendly and loves the environment. You do know it is made up of organic cotton right? Comfeyh.

With Paint (and Photoscape for the outline), I bersusah-payah made this collage to show What I Love About The World for the Sloggi contest, but actually there’s so much more that you can do. Be it a comic strip, a video, an essay, whatever that you can post as a blog entry and be on your way to win great prizes: Grand Prize x5: RM 2000 cash + Sloggi products worth RM 135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM 50. Consolation Prize x20: Origins products worth RM250 + Sloggi products worth RM135 (redemption letter to counter) + Sloggi voucher worth RM50

And don’t forget to include the Sloggi poster at the end of your entry. All ze best girls! Ke boys pun nak masuk jugak? o.0

Act now, www.sloggi.com/my

Terima kasih to my roommate Linda yang pinjamkan mouse/tetikus untuk I perlahan-lahan copy paste gambar satu-satu, membanting tulang.

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