Inside Playboy Mansion With Hanis Zalikha

It’s the semester break and what have I been up to? Just the usuals. Mingling-around-in-Playboy -Mansion kind of usual. Hehe.

Playboy had a launch for its fragrances for men in Heritage Mansion recently, I think it was last two Fridays. I went there with only, only my handphone. So just my BB, no kad pengenalan, no compact powder, no lipgloss, no camera. Haha. Sebab I tak sempat cari clutch atau handbag kecil! Tiba-tiba I terasa BB should have application for I/D, as in letak cip kad pengenalan dalam BB (ini terpiker masa cuak kalau ada roadblock) okay okay berangan. Anyway..

Luckily there were few photographers there yang boleh donate the pictures. But didn’t manage to get all tsk.

Playboy in a mansion baby! I arrived quite late, so masa I datang depan ini dah penuh gila.

This line introduced four fragrances representing four contemporary city lifestyles and they are: (interior setting Mansion comel sangat malam itu sebab the place dibahagi kepada empat bahagian)

Malibu Playboy.

Miami Playboy.

Vegas Playboy.

Hollywood Playboy, which is my favourite scent among the four.

Heritage Mansion was packed with celebs, trendsetters, Playmates and VIP guests who was there to celebrate Playboy: PressToPlay. Some of the shots which I manage to get my hands on heh:

Jehan memang pandai buat muka Playboy.

Perempuan cantiks, from left Stephanie Chai, Elaine Daly my mentor, and the Chong sisters.

Ze supermodels! Yeah baby that’s Jaslene from ANTM.

Yasmin Hani and Tony Eusoff and Naza World.

Cindy Tey and yours truly.

Dynas flaunting her baby bump, the big boss of Playboy Malaysia, and Michael the director of Project Alpha.

Guess who was spinning that night? Yang paling handsome (kat situ wtf) of course:


Eh eh tempat lain pula. Haha. Fuish apa kat tangan itu, tak lekang-lekang.

Few more jumbled up shots and..

Em boys! Whom I used to play *buat muka serious* Mafia with (minus Shamser)! Ash is the most awesome game master ever okay, rindu rindu. Tiba-tiba Hansen nampak smart kat sini? Fine.

Okay that’s all for my life updates!
Check out Playboy Fragrances for men, in stores nationwide, eceh sempat promote.

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