What is becoming of Demok?

You remember Demok? The baby girl my family babysits since forever? Yes, the triple chin young lady. I'm sure you would want to know what has happened to her and how she is doing.

This might seem like a normal IKEA day out to your eyes. Aww look at them bersopan-santun crossing the street. Obviously belum warm up.

Aw look at these angelic faces especially the one in black top. Eh.

 Instruction on the box Demok comes with: For triple chin effect, just add lemon.

Okay mari kita warm up! Huyak! Huyak! Huyak!

Bersedia untuk hyper *please refer to Demok's expression*.

LAGHI! LAGHI!!! *si pelat sebut lari*


Bila dia dah penat lari satu IKEA, nak kena dukung.

At the counter.

Keknis not looking, I can still escape.

While crossing the road.

 OMGGG THIS IS SO MUCH FUN *tak sedar berat 12tan*.

That is all.

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