Jakarta Must-Do

Not, not necessarily to visit this salon. Any salon will do. Because all salons in Jakarta offer.... CREAMBATH TREATMENT! But we chose this salon since it's the cheapest one in Plaza Indo, after surveying few options.

Why Malaysia no creambath?! I think baru nak ada but not many. It's not a common thing here where they massage hair treatment (can choose pati kelapa or alpukat or etc) onto your scalp and the massage goes on till 30minutes or more. Ahhhhhhhh so so good. 

At first Kekna didn't wanna do it because I promised her it'll cost only around RM40-RM50. LOL SILLY ME, AMBEK KAU RM80++ ACTUALLY.

 Jadi kami tiga beradik pakat buat juga, takpe it's on me sebab I reaaaaaaally want them to experience it. Rugi sangat datang Jakarta tak buat rambut. Diorang memang blow cantik dan.... AMAGADDD CREAMBATHHH!

Shampooing our hair while we sat on this massage chair alololololo so hi-tech.

Then we had the creambath session, sejurus after that baru wash and blow.

Alisya is prolly nervous because her hair stylist looks like Chef Wan and is supposed to be cooking, not styling hair.

Coffee or Tea?

Berbakat betul tangan orang-orang Indo. Beralun rambutkuuu.

Kekna buat hal, hair so thick took forever to finish. 

Me and Alisya finished earlier, so naturally...


Muka pasrah bil ribu-riban.

Go ahead and try creambath when you're in Jakarta ;) 
(Gambar creambathnyer mane? KAHKAHKAH kbye)

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