To Be Center Stage

Do you know what it’s like to be the center of attention? To be in the spotlight and have control of the stage? To be deemed as intense and opinionated?

I have.

All this while I’ve been told my friends and family that I am outspoken and intense, but hey that doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing right? Maybe my friends are just saying that because I always say the wrong things? Maybe my siblings are just saying that because when I argue with them, I do it so well, their points are suddenly invalid? Maybe my parents are just saying that because when I want something, I’ll present them a (verbal) proposal they can’t reject? Hehehe.

Then I enrolled into Uni and was recognized for being outspoken and intense. In my freshman year, I was the Public Speaking Champion. In my final year, I was awarded Best Speaker during the debate finale. So I guess my friends and family meant it in a good way eh :P (Don’t ask what I was doing in between freshman and final year because I was basically lazy and always away for the weekend :B)

To be completely honest, I don’t quite fancy the idea of going in front of people and have hundred pairs of eyes focusing on my every move, listening to my every word, anticipating any mistakes I was bound to make. But you know the storyline; no one wants to do it-- I gotta be a hero and represent – I rejected but a hot guy talked me through—standing ovation-- at the end of the day everybody is happy—credit rolls while the crowd cheers. Yada yada.

So what was it like being center stage? AH-MAY-ZING. The thrill of having all eyes and ears on you is indescribable. It feels like HEY YOU I COMMAND YOUR ATTENTION, and surprisingly they obeyed LOLOLOLOL! Gotta love the electrifying rush that comes with it. If you ask me to do it all over again, relive the glorious moment, I would! The hot guy doesn't even have to talk me through it this time.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I feel like I can relate to what Fergie has in mind when she created Outspoken Intense perfume. 

 She wants to share with you the thrill and excitement of performing, all in one bottle.

“Alluring top notes of succulent blackberry, shining star fruit and luscious kumquat will captivate your audience. A heart of lush purple passion flower adds a bold and vibrant edge to lush gardenia and velvety orange flower petals. A base of sensual musks wrapped in white amber and blonde cedar creates enduring rhythm”.

For me, the scent is refreshing. Thanks to it, I smelled like I just got out of the shower—all day long! I absolutely love it. If you want to experience Outspoken Intense yourself, I have 3bottles to give away *one eyebrow up along with a smirk*.

TO WIN: All you have to do is write an entry on How Confidence Has Changed My Life and send the permalink in the comment box! I will pick 3 best stories and who knows, you might win the Outspoken Intense by Fergie! So what does it feel like being confident? I love it! Good luck!

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