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Liana Khairul: Babe, jom pergi Jakarta early June.

Keknis: Jom.

That was the exact conversation that lead to me writing this entry. So we came, we saw & I waited for more than a month to finally write about it (-_-") It's been a fun sweet escape for just the two of us and Liana's mom scheduled her business trip to be together-gether and it was lovely! What made it better was that Liana used to go to JIS (Jakarta International School), so she has friends there and knows places so senang. Kitorang beria gila nak made this trip as Indo as possible so pilih hotel pun pilih hotel yang betul-betuk Indo (poyo kan) which is Hotel Mulia Senayan City. Makan pun tempat Indo je, then lepak pun tempat anak gaul. Beli snacks pun tak pandang made in Thailand Amerika semua. Cuma satu je kurang Indo, kitorang tak naik Garuda tapi naik MAS Airline. Support local airlineee LOL tiba-tiba.

Rebel betul.

Killing time before boarding.

Muka tak tidur dalam kapal terbang sibuk makan aiskrim. OMG dapat aiskrim dalam kapal terbang so jakun first time excited makan semuaaa.

Hotel Mulia Senayan City. I lupa 6 or 7 stars. Sampai pergi breakfast pun takleh pakai selipar tidur so sedih, very diskriminasi selipar.

Dah wash up & letak barang, terus pergi jumpa kawan-kawan Liana from Indo and Phillipine.

The local western food place, Abubaaaaaa. Bunyi macam tipu-tipu jekan? Macam nak takutkan budak ABUBAAAAAAAAAA, CAK!

I had this sexy thing as shown above, and Cola Susu which is basically Coca Cola & susu pekat manis which is basically awesome.

This is like the go to place for the cool crowd, I guess? I forgot the name but the atmosphere is like Hartamas Square (if you still remember the place, rindunya), only better. Us with Macy (this girl is hilarious) & Gita (part tawar-menawar masa shopping, this is our guy). Thanks for the hospitality babes! Nanti ada masa I tulis lagi for second day punya activities, ada horror story. Nak tulis pun seram.

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