Some notes and whatnot

Hey hey how is everyone doing? Hope everything is well yeah? I am still compiling the list on my diet plan. My so-called diet plan. Don't worry I will not disappoint. Mislead, maybe, but not disappoint haha. Anyway, what else what else, oh my most favourite drink in the world is still having the Slurpee Video contest, try that out for a chance of one year free Slurpee supply and some other cool stuff like island vacay woohoo! Closing date this Sunday (April 18), so hurry! Read more about it in my previous entry.

I guess it's old news that everyone will be sitting for their finals in the next 3weeks, so I pray for everyone's success okay? I will try to update as much as I can, as it is very unlike me to not update during the finals he he he. Please eat more fish, it's good for your brain. If time permits, I will update on the fish diet that I sesuka hati made up. You can try it if you want he he he.

What's with all these cheeky laughs sigh I need to get back to bed now. Goodnight goodlooking people. And that my friend, means everyone with kind heart.

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