GUESS Jeans and I

If you’re following me on Twitter, you would have been there, GUESS? Jeans in Pavilion, to shop with me! Why? Because first 25 people(with Twitter account) to be there at 3pm received RM200 GUESS? vouchers. Thanks to those who came you're the coolest, and sorry I was late, so yang tak sempat jumpa, next time yeah!

GUESS? baru released it’s new skinny jeans range called Power Skinny. So they sent me on a shopping spree to check it out. What a joyful day it was. I super GUESS? Jeans Malaysia.

Bermodelan-modelan pada hari itu.

Throw few pieces together and you have a chic get up. Sukaa. Leather vest, and GUESS? Life, Love and Glam Tunic , and totally cute Daisy Skinny Grey Jeans, RM499.

The same look but with price tag dangling at my back, and without the vest -_-

Changed the top into White GUESS? Tshirt to soften the look. Ada nampak lembut tak? Heh.

Cindy from GUESS? Malaysia helping me out with the jeans. She was so nice! Even those working in the stores were so pleasant and helpful :')

Paradise tank top and leather vest, similar ensemble with the first one but slight edgier. Mungkin sebab vest rockstar itu.

I need more colours in my wardrobe. Yellow is

Yellow plaid top and Brittney Knit Skinny Jeans, RM449.

Oooh another checkered top and Britney Knit Skinny Jeans look good together.

One of my favorite jeans for the day – Star Brandy Bootcut Jeans, but I already have something similar, also from GUESS?. GUESS? Jeans and I go way back okay, dari sekolah menengah. Ceh cakap macam tua sangat padahal baru tinggal sekolah menengah 3 tahun lalu. OMG MEMANG TUA.

Frontal view Grace white shirt and Star Beverly Skinny Jeans.

Quality lain jadinya bila zoom ishish. GUESS? Logo White Tee and Britney Skinny Jeans in Galaxy Blue.

Look at me, I’m going back to the basic colours. Haha whyyy do I love black and white so much?!

Waiting for more clothes and jeans. Ahh the joy.

OMG I REALLY LOVE THIS PIECE, LOOKS LIKE A KEBAYA TOP paired with the Daisy Skinny Grey Jeans. Except the sleeves heh.

Masa tengah try baju-baju, so cute this little Arabian girl came to me and hugged me and asked her dad to take pictures of us together. She was then later joined by her older sister. Haha. Mesti sebab dia tengok eh eh rambut dia sama walaupun dia punya fake -_- I MEAN TAKKAN LAH DIA BACA BELOG AKU.

Banyak kali okay.Sepanjang I kat situ.Ikut je ke hulu ke hilir -_- I was wearing GUESS? Black Logo Tee and white Daredevil Skinny Jeans.

Sampai Marlisa kata “asal budak Arab nih macam clingy gila, dia kenal you ke?” Haha yes my bestfriend Marlisa was there to help out too. She is so my personal stylist!

Love you long time.

Have you figured out what I brought home? Hehe. I LOVE EVERYTHING I TRIED, KALAU BOLEH NAK BELI SEMUA. Tapi RM1000.00, dapatlah 2helai jeans :)

Thanks GUESS? Jeans Malaysia for being so generous and awesome! Check out their Power Skinny range when you’re there okay!

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