Travel Must-Haves

This Should Be Anyone’s Travel Must-Haves List

Since I’ve started travelling last 2years, I noticed some essentials that have helped to make my journey (to) & stay in a foreign land so much better. I’d like to guide you on this if you are new to travelling and is freaking out on what to bring in your handbag/manbag. Yang check-in luggage besar gabak itu sukati nak bawa apa k.

1. Wet wipes
I know we are blessed to live in a country where the toilets are fully-equipped with hand bidets and you can just shoooot water lalu keluar toilet lega & suci *muka mengalami keindahan*. Sigh if only that’s the case with other countries… hence please bring wet wipes to clean your bottom like your mother once did to you. Bring the one that fits your small bag. The one in picture Meor belikan when Segamat takde air satu ketika dulu LOL beli sampai 6 paket I still have it till today :')

2. Hand sanitizer
When we’re travelling/holidaying, we are always out and about jalan sana sini ke hulu ke hilir. We always find ourselves trying to make time for a lot of things, we even resorted to eating by the roadside/in the taxi. To keep your hands clean from the germ, here comes hand sanitizer!

3. Facial spray
Long-hours flight will strip moisture from your face. Your skin gets so dry to the extent that it wrinkles (when this happen I’ll go to the toilet and see myself in the mirror and be like “Nenek masa muda dulu…” LOL). To avoid it, we are blessed with the invention of FACIAL SPRAY! They have it in smaller size so that you can carry it anywhere you go. If you’ve had your face done by professional make-up artist before, you would know that they use this spray after make-up to make it last longer.

4. Lipbalm
Regardless of being in a cold or hot country, you would need this! To protect yourself from either dry lips or UV rays. Last time I was in German, I apply this ALL the time. Chapped lips are not sexy okay (and its painful to talk/smile!) so please avoid at all cost.

5. Facial blotter
Those endless walking and exposing your face/skin to the sun will make it super oily, and you shall shineee in photos (the bad way). Fret not, this is your savior!

6. Chocolate
Always have food inside your bag (I choose Dove chocolate). Always. Kadang-kadang sebab you were rushing to the aiport, you didn’t get to eat anything prior take-off. Don’t embarrass yourself with grumbling tummy LOL *shy* lagi-lagi duduk sebelah mamat hot. There are also times when you’re too occupied in one place where they don’t have any restaurant you can go to, this is where your chocolate will save you from falling apaaart. I pernah pitam masa shopping, PITAM OKAY, sungguh menjejaskan imej T_T

Dove Chocolate sekarang ada yang lebih besar iaitu 80g, dah tak kedekut sangat nak kongsi bersama teman-teman dan mamat hot kat sebelah tadi tuh. Suka pek besar nih sebab tak cepat sangat habis.

7. Sunblock
Need I say more?

8. Panadol and Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun
Ini kalau tak bawa, sudah terkena baru terngadah. Panadol, just in case the jetlag gives you headache. Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun, just in case new food surprises your digestive system.

Optional items
♥. Notepad
This is where you write everything about your trip, all the little details that you won’t be able remember once you’ve reach tanah tumpah darahku. I was so lazy to carry around a notepad and write on it, I always use my camera to capture all the street/restaurant/station names. Well that’s just stupid sebab battery cepat habis and memory cepat full.


♥. Book
Boring-boring tunggu luggage/flight/makanan/room check in.

♥. Sunglasses
Obviously to look like Paris Hilton.

Now we are ready!

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