Happy 2012

Happy 2012
Alone in my room right now, savouring my silky smooth Dove chocolate as I type this, while catching the scent of vanilla in the air from the candle I just lit. I don’t usually do this (have alone time), unless finding myself in a foreign land, enjoying the night air and unfamiliar sound of traffic by the window. Do you spend alone time with yourself like this? Or like me, are you too caught up with work / studies / people? 

Me-Time is the time I reflect on myself, on my journey thus far and what to anticipate in future. It’s the time I just stop, and think ALL ABOUT ME. The perfect time to list down my 2012 (realistic) resolutions which I could share with you some:

1. More alone time.
You can call this ‘berangan’ time but we all need it every now and then. You ALWAYS find yourself answering where-would-you-be-in-20years-time only when you’re about to go on a job interview/minggu orientasi mahasiswa/modul. Takkanlah waktu itu je nak fikir, and jawapan pun most likely yang potential employer nak dengar, not what you really desire. I think it’s a very good question to ponder on so you could already shape it along with the steps to take, and the only time to do it is when you’re alone and unoccupied. Read: Unoccupied, so please log out your FB/Twitter/YM.

2. Take up rock-climbing.
Hewhewhew one of the reasons I’ve been doing weights last year is to build my upper body strength to take up rock-climbing. Entah boleh entah tak masih berangan lagi, by early March we’ll see capai ke tak. Yes ada timeline untuk my resolutions and rock-climbing is in early March.

3. Pray on time, everytime.
This, I must admit is quite ambitious. The first few days of 2012 I was doing rather well, anticipating azan with wudhuk on. And then (expectedly) my performance went downhill my oh my… Teruk teruk. I need to always be reminded on how great it feels to have performed your solat whenever you look at the clock. You see the clock 2pm, oh aku dah Zohor *ringan rasa*. You see the clock 5pm, oh dah Asar tadi *bunga-bunga hati*.

4. Be an avid blogger writing at least two entries per week.
Can I say this is quite ambitious too? Hahahaha. But it’s in my list so I have to make it into reality. I’m anal about lists.

5. Improve language and blog content.
It’s about time I go back to being a storyteller cum lifestyle guru I once think I was. LOL what ever happened to that? Hamis Jalikha… Hamis Jalikha…

6. Find ways to improve as a daughter/sister/partner/friend.
It is important to know where you stand and your role in someone’s life. Last night I slept with in Alisya’s room because she came in mine and said “Keknis can you sleep with me tonight?”. I asked her “Why?” to which she simply answered “I’m bored”. Immediately, me in my Spongebob pyjamas marched to her room only to see her doing homework quietly, not really needing any form of entertainment (what? I thought I was in for a pillow fight). So I went under the blanket and just watched her from the bed until I fell asleep.

You see, she didn’t need me to play with her. She didn’t need me because she was scared to be by herself. She simple needs to know, I would be there for her when she asks me to.

I hope to complete this list so I could come up with more great things I could strive to achieve. Go ahead, have an alone time and come up with realistic resolutions. Have a bar of silky smooth Dove Chocolate in hand while you’re at it.

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