Have you seen him?

The moment kami jejak Tanah Melayu, I turned on my Maxis and the first sms I received was "Hanis, Nougat tak balik dah 3hari, sobs" -Mama. No "how are you". No "where are you". No "I miss you my precious daughter". That's where Nougat stands in our lives. Above everything else :'(

They say dog is man's bestfriend. But cats, they are family. You put up with their shit. You clean up their shit. Yet, it's no shit how much you love them.

Mula-mula cuma sedih baca SMS tuh. Dalam hati masih berharap, bila I sampai rumah dia ada tergolek dekat pintu pagar tunggu I balik. And it'll all be a silly panic moment yang boleh dilupakan. Then I reached home, no feline greeting. I went upstairs to my room, no Nougat camouflaging with my carpet. I went under the blanket, put my head on the pillow, and cried. It really hit me; Nougat is no more in my life


I wonder where are you now, Nougat. I hope someone will return you (Ya Allah, semoga Nougat dijumpai seseorang dan gerakkanlah hatinya untuk memulangkan). Missing Cat notices have been pasted on tiangs all over our neighbourhood... To blog about you is my last effort :'( 

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