Personal pick for #Hanisraya clothes!

Ladies, finally it's here. Sorry it took forever as I was so occupied with my studies and work but but ha kan dah ada sekarang! Semua free size, jadi sila judge dari gambar whether it'll fit you :) My size is 34-25-36 with 170cm height.

Every piece hanyalah yang good quality sahaja. Postage fee included, fret not. Price stated is the start up price for bidding. Get higher chance to own the piece with higher bid.

Email at with the clothes name as the subject. Comel kan email kitew?!

Name: Sill

Bid price:RM120

Name: Suri

Bid price: RM250

Colours available: Purple & Turqoise

Personal message: Ini tidak labuh untuk ketinggian seperti saya. Hanya sampai buku lali. Lebih sesuai bagi yang 160-165cm.

Name: Sebet

Bid price: RM150

Personal message: Ini hanya sampai slightly above my ankle (suitable for 155cm-160cm). It's pretty, like a jubah for the hijabster.

Name: Rech

Bid price: RM120

Name: Raden

Bid price: RM180

Personal message: Serius cantik sebab neckline dia macam stewardess punya uniform alololo. Suitable for 160-164cm of height.

Name: Gegel

Bid price: RM80

Personal message: Wear this and look younger, I swear.

Name: Flowi

Bid price: RM130

Colours available: Brown (above), Purple, Orange, Red & Green.

Name: Biber

Bid price: RM80

Colours available: Red & Green (Yellow above sold out)

Personal message: Kpop betul.

Name: Dessi

Bid price: RM250

Colours available: Brown & Red & Black (Blue above sold out)

Personal message: Ini favorite kot! Cantik sangat sangat! Ada tudung dia included, macam Yuna. Tapi I gedik bajet princess.

Name: Britin

Bid price: RM200

Colours available: Pink, Gray(reserved 2days), Black, Blue.

Personal message: Wore it with jeans and tank top, so comfy and laid-back.

Gorgeous professional make up by Nani Rostam.

Bidding starts now and is ON until further notice, only at Bye *berlaga pipi like Datins*

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