Women Should Experiment New Products

Are you adventurous? Do you like to try new things? I am. WITH PRODUCTS! LOL were you expecting rock-climbing pictures and me eating grasshopper in the street of Vietnam T_T

Anyway, I am a firm believer that if you’re loyal to one brand; they gain, you lose. The competitive market out there doesn’t allow any brand to stay on top of their game for long. Give any of their best product a one month or two, before another product of different brand comes along; better and improved!

That is why; I can never give you a straight answer when you ask, “ME WANT BEAUTY TIPS, GIMME ALL THE NAMES YOUR MAKE UP AND FACIAL STUFF SO I CAN COPY”, simply because, I am constantly trying out new products by established brands and even, new brands in the market.

It is so much fun to browse through the eye-catching packaging of new products and surprise yourself with the wonderful purchases, because most of the time, new product works better due to the competitive factor and advanced technology.

Case in point, my make up stuff. I don’t stick to one brand for the rest of my life. I’ve tried high-end brands, drugstore offerings, beli kat Giant also got, because it’s not about the price or the brand. You just hafta try em all to know what suits you best!

For face powder, I’ve tried Christian Dior, MAC, the cheap Miyami (RM16), and now waiting for Bobbi Brown to finish and can try other brands! For mascara (the most fun experiment because they keep coming up with new ones) so far I’ve tried Lancome, Loreal, Maybelline and now Silkygirl is drying up, gonna hit the drugstore and find something new to try out!

The same goes for fragrances (though some people prefer to have their own signature smell) and toiletries. It is an endless discovery process and you will never lose. As of now, I’ve been sticking to the same brand of sanitary pad and it’s about time I try out the new Libresse. You’ll never know you like it until you try it.

Watch it and I’m sure you’ll want to buy Libresse.

The design, fit and absorption seems so much different than the readily available products out there. It follows the shape of your body; it curves up at strategic areas like the butt crack teehee. I want to move freely when I’m having my period and I do not wanna use tampons! I’m very certain that Libresse is the solution to this after watching the video on their website, easily influenced T_T.

Also, I wanna try their stretchable pantyliner (I’ve never come across a stretchable pantyliner before this). Don’t underestimate it’s power to keep your private area clean.

Let’s try it out soon, girls! In the meantime, wander around their website for amazing fun as shown below.

What’s next for Yuna? Drop your phone number to see it! I did and she called me!!! Masa phone ringing serious terkejut LOL bahu terangkat. I pick choice number 2 and totally love it, thanks Yuna for the inspiration! You girls should give it a go ;)

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