I came home for this 1week study leave (leaving behind my studies) aaaaaand mendiscover ke-sweet-an adik-adikku apabila mereka beria-ria "Keknis Keknis! We've recorded Taken for you!".

Few days before I board the plane to Frankfurt (alone), someone tweeted me that I should watch Taken, the movie about female tourists getting abducted and turned into prostitute. I tried putting reminder in my phone and reminded everybody kalau nampak Taken on HBO please call me and etc. Tapi tak dapat juga nak catch the movie before my Euro Trip.

But now, thank God for Astro B.yond PVR and my little siblings yang sungguh peka atas keinginan Keknis mereka (I love you Haffiz & Alisya), dapat juga I watch it, even after dah balik Malaysia lama dah. OMG NASIB BAIK TAK WATCH BEFORE THE TRIP, WOULDVE BEEN SUPER PARANOID.

Always listen to your Daddy.

Boarding the plane to Malaysia. Safely home :')

Good movie! Watch it!

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