Malaysians Unite! Join the movement to get Facebook recognize Malaysia as Facebook Capital of the World

To be honest, I can’t live without Facebook. I need to check my friends’ updates (kalau ada yang terasa emo-emo mesti status double meaning), their latest photos (especially the one I dah lama tak jumpa OMG dah ada anak) and talk to you guys (see you there at my Page!). I am sure almost all Malaysians can relate to this, hence…

A special announcement to get you to participate in getting Facebook to recognize Malaysia as the FB Capital of the World. Since all of you are already FB addicted, let’s make this happen while you're at it.

Fact: Malaysians have The Most Facebook Friends and spend The Most Time on Facebook.

Click to like this page and use the FB app to put up your profile pic along with your message on why Malaysia should be crowned as FB Capital and together let’s send a petition card so big Facebook won’t be able to ignore us as the Facebook Capital of the World! Share this app with friends and be the top 250 lucky winners to get invited to the first ever DiGi Live Facebook party in Malaysia! Last day for participation is 3 May.

Hey ho let's go! After that back to the books T_T Bye guys.

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