Why Disneyland Hotels?

Why Disneyland Hotel(s) is the place to stay when you’re in Hong Kong?! Here’s the thing, Disneyland is a resort okay, so inside it there are two amazing hotels.

1)Disneyland Hotel 2) Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.


My suggestion is that, from the airport, just take the taxi (only RM50) and go straight to Disney Resort (WHY? BECAUSE ALL TAXI DRIVERS KNOW THIS PLACE JUST SAY 'DISNEY'). Then check in into any of these two amazing hotels, get your lunch, and visit the HK Disneyland theme park.

Later from the Disneyland Resort, if you want to go to the Hong Kong city, just hop in the MTR! They made it special for you…

Talk about convenience!

We stayed in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel as shown below:


It is perfect for anyone who’s planning to go to Disneyland; at the lobby you can find all the information you need on live show slots and timing.

Hotel map, the one you can raba-raba.

Very comfy beds, I must say. Slept like a big fat baby. No offense, big fat babies out there.

Quirky interior design.

So yeah… now shall I take you for breakfast? In Chef Mickey, Disney's Hollywood hotel! Makan jer excited. Excited jer makan.

Remember the crazy-awesome Indian dish with crazy-awesome kuah Dahl I had at the theme park? They have it here too! Gila woh orang Cina masak masakan India gila sedap. What can’t these people do?!

I assure you, they really jaga their food quality. Everything so fresh and sedap.

And if you come here (Hong Kong), don’t forget to try the fruits! Juiciest and sweetest fruits I’ve ever tasted in my life, ever and forever. I think me and my mom mengadap buah jer even went to the supermarket to buy more buah LOL.

Now let’s see what the next hotel, Disneyland Hotel, have in store for us!

The deco here is very different from the old-Hollywood-movie-vibe that the other hotel had. Here you can say it is quite dreamy with a touch of Victorian elegance.

We had lunch at the Crystal Lotus, Disneyland Hotel; a 7courses Chinese Lunch. Simply a mouth-watering dim sum lunch experience.

We simply told em no red meat, and they served us like bunch of seafood-eating kings :’)


Aren’t you the cutest little thing? How can I ever eat you?

Like this. Adalah a piece of heaven pau-pau di atas. It’s Disney’s style dim sum with characters like Chicken Little, Toy Story Little Green Man (namun ini adalah pork, tidak dimakan tsk) and Duffy. I recommend you to get this lunch package from Crystal Lotus, for a dining experience that you cant get elsewhere.

Now do you want to see what it’s like to have breakfast in dreamland? Only in Disneyland Hotel, baby!

The place is called Enchanted Garden. You will see why.

Ain't it pwettyyyyyyyy?! Not to mention, the service here is superb! They are very very quick and friendly.

Mickey waffles! You must not miss this one!

Take note that this is the best hash brown in the world.

Jealous much?

Not anymore.

After breakfast, go and take a walk around the park. Breathtaking!

Seronokkk. Signing off, HZ. Ticket and hotel room prices are all inside here ! Go get em, tiger!

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