Shawn Loong chopped my hair off

Anyone in the Malaysia's fashion scene would know Shawn Loong, the best hairdresser ever. I trust him with my hair. And the last person to do anything to it was him, which was like 1year ago. Ever since that, I've never ever done anything to my hair, I too sayang the layered he created lah, and thus it became super long. Haha so today, I will take you with me to the hair saloon. And that my friend, is Shawn Cutler in Bangsar!

Shawn Cutler held alot of happy thoughts and memories. This is the exact place I got myself the nickname Datin, because of what Jackham did to my hair. Oh apart from Shawn Loong, Jackham is also my favourite hair stylist *girlish mode.

Have you ever experienced this annoying thing that when you want to cut your hair, that is the day you wake up with the most fabulous hair ever? Yes, it happened to me just now. So when I went there, Shawn greeted me with "Darling when did you permed your hair?? So cantik". Followed by, "Eh, I forgot its naturally like that!" T_T This came from the guy who knows my hair best. See dah berapa lama I tak pergi saloon??!

Shawn consulting me as Wayne looked on. Wayne is a new addition to Shawn Cutler family :)

Selalu kalau potong rambut dari panjang ke pendek, sumpah nervous-nervous. Tapi dengan Shawn tak langsung. Malah berlagak siap kata "Just do it". Nike betul. Haha and then the rest is history. So this is me in a before picture.

Aww as if gambar ini lama sangat je, siap pakai uniform sekolah gw. This picture is quite recent actually, at the back, the hair reaches my pinggang T_T

Luckily my muka excited kena tutup dengan rambut. Heh malu I.

End result. Haha its not much. But quite a length juga telah dipotong considering rambut lama dah sampai pinggang tsk. So yeah, I asked them to blow it curl, to bring back the Datin look. Hahaha rindu rindu.

Before you email me anything, wait, let me read your mind. Okay the haircut cost RM90.00. If you want to colour your hair here it'll cost you RM300.00. Teehee. I am so going to colour my hair after this. But not the Datin colour. More like the I Study In Uitm colour. TAPI MANA NAK CARI RM300??! OKAY BELI HENNA DEKAT MYDIN SEKARANG T_T

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