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I know I promised you another video to be uploaded by the weekend but.. my laptop is at the hospital now, repaired with tender loving care :') Moving on. I dont know why some of you are so keen on my blog design and how do I do it. Because basically, it's just one of the blog design provided by Blogger a.k.a Blogspot. The only changes made were the font colours etc. But seeing that few have emailed me regarding this, and also to teach my mom now that I'm far away from her (she's just too cute calling me every now and then asking questions about her blog haha), so I decided to put this entry up anyway. For the bijakpandai, please skip this entry, thanks.

I'd give you the easiest guide ever, I'll tahan myself from crapping and further memeningkan you guys, let's just cut to the chase and here it is:

From DASHBOARD, click LAYOUT, click PICK NEW TEMPLATE, and choose the template of your choice.

Mine, as you can see is the template, Washed Denim.

Though I'm using Washed Denim template, it no longer look like the original design due to the few adjustments I've made like the font, tabs, and background colour. So to do that, from DASHBOARD, click LAYOUT, click FONT AND COLOURS, and start to experiment!

As for my banner, that's another story altogether. I created it using Paint. Or you can say, I painted it using Paint. Or I drew it using Paint. Or omg please stop me.

It's up to you to draw your banner out, or to find pictures to be your banner, all you have to do is from DASHBOARD, click LAYOUT, click HEADER and tada (refer to the picture below), you can upload the image of your choice to be your banner. So simple!

SIAPA EMAIL LAGI PASAL BENDA NI, SIAP! JAGA KAU! Ceh macam garang. Cuba translate jaga kau kepada English, terus loving. Taking care of you -_-

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