Milk Coffee

I like coffee.  I like the idea of coffee. I love the smell of coffee. Like, if I were to have my own place, imma be making coffee the whole time just to get the coffee shop aroma lingers in the air. Or do they already have aromatherapy oil based on/mimicking the smell of coffee? Let me know.

But you know what’s better than coffee? MILK. Milk over coffee, anytime. Milk > Coffee, seems legit. And thank you Nescafe for coming up with something of that ratio.

I joke about how I like my man like I like my coffee; strong, rich and hot ALL THE TIME. But seriously it’s just a joke, I don’t like my coffee like that (my man, however… hehe).  So this is just perfect for my morning (or any time I feel like having a light-coffee enjoyment) and also a good addition to my daily dose of calcium.

If you’re new to coffee or in the midst of exploring your taste and preferences, I could say that Nescafe Milk Coffee is a good start, offering mild coffee profile and more milky taste.

Oh how nice, a random video Alisya did to compliment this post:

Eleh I wanted this post to remain konon-konon simple and classy till the very last period but… I FOUND THS CUTE APP ON THEIR WEBSITE HAHAHA JOM!

You know how their campaign uses these cute big headed people…

Hehe. Hanis the zombie!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Go play the app at!!!

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