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Haro! I did a photoshoot for Zalora Malaysia few weeks back! I was accompanied by my stylist cum bestfriend, Melle. Eventhough tension awal-awal cari jalan tak jumpa (dah macam laki bini gaduh nak pergi kenduri kahwin berpandukan peta sahaja), bila sampai set semua kembali happy.

They have this HUGE office and were filled with gorgeous clothes at every corner. Even the two racks they had prepared for me and Chuckei for the photoshoot pun, dah rambang mata, apatah lagi if you go through their website.

Amagad I love the shoes! Ini baru sedikit! After this I’ve to spend whole day at their website, gawking at shoeeees! Zalora stock up banyak gila shoes collection from international and local brands, talk about temptations tsk.

Beaming with joy.

 Sebab choices terlalu banyak, no matter what your style is, Zalora is a place for everyone.
Perempuan goody-goody muka toye di atas nih pun boleh jadi…


I was just happy to be wearing all the pretty clothes. Tapi Melle, sebagai seorang fashion advocate and also writer, menjerit tengok brand-brand yang takde kat Malaysia berkotak-kotak di sekeliling kami, from Steve Madden, Superga, True Religion, Rock & Republic, Christian Siriano for Payless and etc. Dia macam tiba-tiba found the place where she belongs, si budak Law tak sedar diri nih. “After my Law degree, I’m so gonna apply here” hahahaha habis kena pelangkung if your mom reads this.

When I say Zalora is a place for everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Sebab the guys selalu complain when I talk about online shopping on my blog -_- So here’s something for you too okay.

Shoes, shirts, Polos, jackets ahh you name it.

Kalau dah beli tapi bila sampai tak berkenan di hati, Zalora ada 30 days return policy! Boleh pulangkan dalam masa sebulan!

Pastu kalau cari baju dah terdesak sangat tapi kesuntukan masa, boleh guna 3 Hour Delivery! Provided you’re in the Klang Valley. 
Zalora tak charge any shipping cost! Price stated is the price you pay. 
At Zalora, you can shop ikut budget whether you seek for lower end, mid range or high end labels. From below RM100 to RM500 and above.
Last but not least, anything boleh call terus customer service atau guna webchat jer. Tanyalah apa nak tanya.
 Nah, tonton dahku dalam video ini hewhewhew...

Check out Zalora Malaysia at their website, like their Facebook page for latest update, and follow their Twitter

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