Quick update on Gala Dinner PanPacific

Rushed to PJ then Lot10 and PV after morning class in Johore for meetings and fitting sessions equals to muka selekeh maid.

Recently (just before the Singapore trip), as seen above, I've lost 3kgs. Which is unfortunate because I went one size smaller from S to XS. Clothes off the runways are usually slightly bigger for me, so it was difficult to find the right fit, unless I am in Paris (local models have bigger built than the ones in Europe heh). So in the end byebye fitting sessions, I wore something from my own collection by Edmunser which I really love because it looks like something from the previous era ke apa haha.

That's the dress. A simple and comfy dress that fits me perfectly. Perhaps too simple for the event sebab semua dressed up macam gah gila tsk T_T Love it nevertheless :') DAH LAH THE NIGHT BEFORE NICHOLAS BARU BERITAHU TAKDE COLOUR CODE. PENAT AKU CARI BAJU PUTIH. Nasib baik Nicholas nih kesayangan I. Kalau tak dah mengamuk dah.

So the category I was in, Best Celebrity Blog, won by Joanne Peh a famous Singaporean actress. The perfect definition of celebrity. Ramai kata cuba lagi next year? Tapi saya bukan celebrity to begin with. Hmm. Nak try best food blog pulak lah *tangkap gambar mee instant.

I love meeting new people! That's Arissa and Dawn from Singapore. The admin of Monoxious!

Also got the chance to meet these wonderful bloggers
Dira from Sunwywinkist, she's an angel, The Famous Red Mummy, The Babe from Nicolekiss, Nicole herself,Cute Cute Iza and sis, and Funny Peej!. More pictures at their blog! Mine is just a quick update sambil-sambil berbbm dan flip buku marketing bahah!

Finalist on stage baby! I was'nt ready (-_-") Oh congrats to all ze winners!

I stole this from Dawn's Facebook.

She captioned this picture as "The Best Tablemate One Could Ask For". Awww the feeling is mutual babe! Sama kepala, boleh headbanging sama-sama tsk :')

Thanks Nuffnang and everyone for the wonderful night, goodbye and behave well :) Oh sekejap. Saya dah gained weight balik sebab semua marah "Why turun berat badan itu kitorang yang nak, cis engkau", so terpaksa gain dan duduk diam-diam makan ayam. Baru perasan senang naik dan senang turun rupanya berat badan saya. YES LEPAS BERANAK AKAN GEMUK SO CUTE! *Harapan.

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