Brownies and Ice Cream

Hello. Kalau anda follow saya di Instagram/Twitter, anda probably have seen this post.

So this is the update that I owe you. Let me explain EVERYTHING.

Baskin-Robbins ada ‘Flavour Election’ going on now till 23rd Nov. I am representing World Class Choc and given a budget to campaign. Jadi, me and my siblings sat down (ala-ala mesyuarat PIBG), and piker, apa nak buat dengan budget itu (selain bagi free BR ice cream di The Curve, tempoh hari, thanks for coming people). Pikir, punya piker, we decided to share this luxury ice cream dengan yang tak pernah/ tak selalu merasa. We decided to go on with something that we’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, spend time and play with anak yatim.

You see, my siblings ramai, 7 orang semuanya. Secara semulajadinya kami suka kemeriahan dan kami memang suka budak-budak. Semua excited and walaupun masing-masing busy dengan sekolah/uni/kerja, namun semua sangat komited with this projek (kami namakannya World Class Choc Project), saya sangat terharu dengan semangat mereka. Even my brother Khairi yang tengah final exam for the semester pun keep texting me asking for updates, so dia boleh arrange bila nak balik dari Penang.

Dengan tagline ‘The Best You Can Get’, kami teruskan berfikir, macam mana nak bagi budak-budak tuh nikmati Baskin-Robbins ice cream secara the best! My little brother Imran volunteered nak bake chocolate cake, yums makan dengan ice cream! Tiba-tiba my little brother Hafiiz, came up with something yang lebih brilliant, dia nak bake his famous brownies (my friends might remember this amazing dessert from my open houses, gila best kan), untuk dimakan dengan World Class Chocolate! Brownies and ice cream; bringing luxury dessert to the kids. Let’s go.

Banyak hal ditolak ke last minute, sebab my schedule terlalu packed, and I only had two days off to really uruskan this project, I am sorry Hafiiz you had to bake this the night before. I asked him to make 2trays saja, he insisted on 6trays! My passionate brother, Hafiiz. He slept at 5 am that day, bangun pagi terus kena pergi Rumah Siraman Kasih. He was so excited.

Alhamdulillah eventho it’s a sibling’s project, Mama and Daddy turun padang to help out. Diorang allocate the whole day just to be with us and tolong mana mampu.  And then there’s our amazing bestfriends. Syaf, Min, Tiqah. My guy bestfriends yang wah wah wah tiba-tiba boleh bangun pagi (miracle, hanya demi anak-anak yatim), iaitu Acap dan Bali. I love you guys, thank you.

Since my campaign promise is about Free Toppings, we have yummy toppings to go with World Class Chocolate ice cream!

Adding the toppings to the ice cream, all the kids love it!!

During Baskin-Robbins online poll, putting a smile on kids face was voted second highest as best CSR activity they should run. My team is glad to be working towards that.

Alhamdulillah, berjaya juga projek ini walaupun dah delayed for months! We actually did lots of other stuff, tapi untuk this post, I nak highlight Baskin-Robbins only, sebab I need you to vote for World Class Chocolate dekat sebab kalau World Class Chocolate flavor menang, the prize money, kami sepakat nak bagi dekat more anak yatims’ houses. InsyaAllah.

Tambahan, selain satu sincere vote anda untuk kebajikan, kalau World Class Chocolate menang, selama setahun untuk 2013, anda akan dapat FREE TOPPINGS bila beli double scoop ice cream. That’s my campaign promise.

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