Avon City Rush Fragrance Launch at Luna Bar

Avon launched a new perfume again! Love it when they do sebab diorang mesti tak lupakan I, the last time they sent me Fergie’s Out spoken Intense perfume, I suka gilaaa! It became my travel scent. Setiap kali I travel, memang perfume itu I pakai, (selain bau dia yang sweet sampai I berkenan sangat, I suka botol dia yang tak senang pecah).

Now, it’s City Rush pula! Endorsed by Milla Jovovich (and Scha Alyahya for Malaysia), this is a new chic fragrant for women. Compared to Outspoken Intense, this scent is less sweeter but definitely sexier!

Sekarang harga pengenalan is only RM99.00. Perfect time to try and adapt this new alluring scent to be your ultimate signature scent. Mmm sedapnya bau dia!

Luna Bar, memang tempat paling sesuai for this urban chic party yang dihadiri celebs and designers.

Awal luangkan masa to attend this event for his wife.  While on stage, Scha sempat mentioned ‘alhamdulillah suami saya dapat datang malam ini’. I can’t get over how sweet this couple is. I’ve done few projects with them and whenever ada event, Awal mesti beria tangkap gambar wife dia (on stage/doing interviews) and vice versa. So in love and passionate for one another :’)

 City Rush perfume.

Can’t think of anyone better to be the face of City Rush. The energetic and stylish, Scha.

PASTUUUUUUU, THEY HAD TO INVITE MY FAVOURITE SINGER UNTUK PERFORM KAN?! Eeeeeee kenapa camni? Sukalah suka. Alyah bawa lagu dia Kau Yang Terindah dan lagu Rihanna. She’s a true performer. Nyanyi live memang sedap.

Nad Zainal di dalam rumah u'ols! (Nad Zainal in da house y'all!). Reunited with soul sister.

Tengoklah clutches with skull rings yang sama oleh kami. Memang soul sister.

Eh? Apakah? HAHAHAHAHA I WON THE IPAD, LUCKY DRAW’S GRAND PRIZE. IPAD WEH IPAD?! Alhamdulillah. Thank you Avon for throwing such a great party! Love your party, love your perfume! 

Good news for readers I cos I ada giveaway. Mechanicsnya amatlah simple:

City Rush is a scent for those that have a modern sense of style and a personality to match. Share with us in less than 100 words, "With City Rush I can .......... (in the most creative way)"

 5 lucky readers will get a bottle of perfume each! (please leave your email address at the end of your submission)

City Rush, go get em ladies.

*pics courtesy of Avon Malaysia FB page.

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