GUESS Jeans, always my kind of jeans.

I think it’s no longer a secret of how much I loooove GUESS Jeans. Everytime orang tanya babe jeans you beli kat mana? OMG GUESS JEANS, OMG YOU KENA TRY, CUTTING DIA CUN SUPERB AMAZING- Unleashing inner sales promoter in me. Jarang sekali beli jenama lain, jenama ini memang suits me best, dengan cutting dia yang panjang, fit dia yang cantik, and variety of washes that I get to choose from yang merambangkan selera. Now, they are giving me more reasons for me to love em even deeper. GUESS Elevated Denim with back pocket details and buttons. 

At first diperkenalkan dengan design ini, I was like uhh isnt that too flashy? Glittery bottom lols jinjangs lols. Tapi bila dah pakai… alamak tersuka ler pulok. They kept the signature triangle logo and added little bit of bedazzled twist!

Styling these 4 different type of jeans? Challenge accepted!

Look 1- Casual look dengan GUESS Elevated Denim in straight cut, jalan-jalan gi pasar tapi tak takut terserempak saper2 sebab tengah fabulous. 

Cute handbag to match!

Look 2- Party like a rockstar… young moneyh! *tiba-tiba*

Styled with GUESS Elevated Denim in Cigarette!

Look 3- Glam biker chick with GUESS Elevated Denim in Skinny, bike jer takde, muka mintak tumpang.

Girlish glittery clutch to match!

Look 4- After-office look with boot cut jeans. Dah punchcard, dah tukar seluar, terus gi tengok wayang pastu makan kat Chili’s dengan si dia jap. Eh cam kerja kat KLCC jer ni.

Big casual orange handbag to add pop of colour!!!

 Itulah cerita dia… kalau tak pernah try lagi GUESS Jeans, silalah cuba dan bersedia untuk tidak berpaling ke jenama lain. Kalau memang peminat GUESS Jeans, masa untuk tambah koleksi! Ehem.

I will be giving away 2 pairs of GUESS Elevated Denim Jeans worth RM799 to 2 of my lucky readers! All you got to do is just show how you do denim and upload a photo of yourself in your favorite pair of GUESS jeans.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter semua boleh. As long as you upload your photo with the hashtag #GUESSJEANS on

Lepas upload, silalah tinggalkan photo permalink kat sini. Goodluck!

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