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Hello! I’ve been busy! And if you’ve been busy, you’d be glad to know that beauty products available online delivers good result too! Like these facial masks by Leader’s Clinic available at Leader’s Clinic is actually a union of Seoul University graduates! Seoul? Koreans!!! You know how they have flawless skin *dreamy*.

Firstly, they have this awesome nose pack called the "Leaders Clinie Sulfur Clinic Blackhead Suction Nose Pack" which I absolutely have to rave about!

What I love about this is that it has two steps to it! First you wear, you wait and you remove the strip. Secondly you apply the serum to prevent future black/whiteheads!

I don’t really have nose strip in my beauty regime, but it was so refreshing + satisfying to see my whiteheads on the strip! And quite disgusting also LOL. 

Geli and amused at the same time meneliti isi-isi sedutan dari liang roma sendiri. RM37.00 for one complete set of 10 pieces of nose strip and a tube of PORE STAMPING SERUM to tighten your pore afterwards. Definitely gonna use this from now onwards!


I also got my hands on all of em and its loveee! Facial mask is something I wear on weekly basis, so it’s easy to compare apple with apple!

What I love about them: First thing is the texture of the liquid (which the mask is soaked in) is not sticky. Hence, it’s so easy to remove, only requires 2 washes. And the smell is important (hey you’re wearing it for 15-20minutes k), and this line of masks has neutral smell to it, suka suka.
Imma highlight the 3 different types which I fancy k…

N.M.F Aquaringer, for maximum face hydration. Sleeping and working in air-conditioned environment strips moisture of my face so this is definitely for me, and I bet for most of you too (sebab hello, office mana kat Malaysia yang tak pakai air cond sekarang?).

Caviar Repairing is simply fab! Kelas kau, orang makan caviars hujung lidah saving2 sebab mahal, kau buat tepek kat muka sebelum tidur! This mask is packed with nutrients from caviar extract, chitosan and witch hazel water to keep your skin healthy!

Platinum V-Lift for firming and lifting that haggard face of yours! Yes, you makciks! Nampak tuh injection syringe besor? Feeling botox sangat!

Please check the other masks out too so you can get the one that suits your needs! Price varies depending on the line (whether Special Cure or Intensive Care). RM10.90 per piece for masks from Special Cure line and RM8.90 for the ones from Intensive Care line.

Do you notice how it is ultrathin unlike the normal facial masks? Put this on for 20minutes, sometimes more (when you left it unnoticed and carried on with your tasks). The one I’m wearing is Caviar Repairing Essential Mask.

Wait for it…

That’s my skin with its much needed moisture.

Have fun at this Korean beauty website ladies,

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