Why Most People Don’t Work Out.

Would you like to see something amusing?

Oh my.

This goes to show that even if you own a supermodel figure, it ain’t an excuse to not exercise.
“What kind of exercise? Yoga? Lifting weights? Pilates? Rock-climbing? I don’t have time for any of that”. –Most people.

Wah wah so ambitious, that’s why you get nothing done! There’s always this mindset of preparing yourself wholly before the big ambitious work out. The right attire (I’ve set my eyes on pink Nike gear), the right shoes (no, Power won’t do, must save up for New Balance), the right trainer, the right time (3 times a week please), the right place (only at the gym) and the list goes on and you will never start. Ever.

The idea is to start small, and get the ball rolling. You know those ditch-the-lift-and-take-the-stairs thingamajig? You must be thinking, oh it’s too simple, it can’t be burning calories. Yeah imma tell you why it works; it builds stamina. 

A lot of people failed because they get so ambitious like “HEY I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, LET’S GO JOGGING” without knowing that you need stamina for that and the moment they’re doing second laps, they’re like “you know what jogging is not my forte”. Bimbo betul.

How do you do it? 

Start small-  Try to do your normal everyday things, the harder way. Like parking your car further from your office entrance to increase your steps in a day.

Pick your favorite- If you do something you love, you’re most likely to sustain even when it gets tougher. So pick what kind of work out you’d feel happy doing (aerobics/swimming/yadayada).

Work out- Yes, you must work out (no substitute for this, sorry it’s the reality). But don’t lah suddenly want to go on straight 3hours. Stamina is built, not gifted.

Keep track- Write it down: Day 1 jog one round tasik. Day 2, 2 rounds tasik. Day 3, 3 rounds tasik. You keep track of what you do, so that you can increase your activities significantly.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I used to be that bimbo before I discovered the joy of sweating it out, the glowing skin and toned body thanks to working out. And also, aku kan makan tak ingat dunia.

Malaysians, we really need to be healthier and lead the healthy lifestyle. As I write this, I am still working on that six packs I promised myself. Visit www.gayahidupsihat.my, or tune in to Sihat 1 Malaysia programme for more tips on healthy living and dieting.

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