Could You Stop Whining?

In the world where...

Actors act & earn money,
Directors direct & earn money,
Singers sing & earn money,
Teachers teach & earn money,

Screw you and your jealous ass,
Bloggers should blog & earn money too.

IMHO, when you love something and you do it with passion, people can see it. You put your heart & soul into it and your piece gets appreciated. It's a bonus to earn money while doing something you absolutely love. Why are people questioning this, again?

Some would say, the problem starts when money become the sole purpose. I would say, yes & no. Yes; when you neglect the quality of your work and focus on the quantity only. No; when it's the other way around.

However, if you look at it closely, the real problem here is; people questioning other people's rezeki.

Eh kau tak lawa, asal kau dapat lagi banyak modeling jobs dari aku?

Eh kau duduk rumah ngadap laptop je, asal kau earn ribu-ribu setiap bulan?

Eh dia tuh lembab lagi bebal, asal naik pangkat lak?

Mace-mace mu nih...

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